Specialising in Story: A short course for new and emerging writers

Specialising in Story: The teacher

'Caroline's guidance allowed me to discover depth and structure that I didn’t even realise was threaded throughout my work. She reads subtext, recognises quality and applies structured technique in order to allow the true meaning of the work to shine through.' 

Here's the thing: On September 9th something new is happening in the Adelaide writing scene. For the first time, a small group of  writers are going to meet in one of the cosy rooms at the Mockingbird Lounge in South Glenelg.

They're going to explore and play while upgrading their writing skills; connect with like-minded people while deepening their story-writing ability; and they're going to be encouraged by a teacher who invests in people.

They're also going to explore the fundamentals of storytelling such as characterisation, point of view, dialogue and setting; how to harness Stanislavski's seven questions when a story doesn't seem to be working; and  learn  more about their own writing by reading and  critiquing the work of others.

There is no magic formula for writing fiction but  their writing teacher (that's me, btw) is passionate about creating a safe, welcoming space that allows people to invent, create and discover. In my experience, the discoveries people make when engaged in intense creative work are not only about writing, but about themselves and the world. This is the magic.

Specialising in Story (Short Writing Course, closed group)

Mockingbird Lounge
Where: Mockingbird Lounge, 63a Broadway, Glenelg South
When:  2nd Wednesday & 4th Tuesday of the month (7-9pm)
Dates:   9 & 22 September, 14 & 27 October, 11 & 24 November
Group size:  Maximum of 6
Investment:  $210, to be paid in advance

Bookings:  Phone Stacey on 7007 2242

A more focussed approach to writing than the casual class. Over six sessions you will be guided through the fundamentals of writing a piece of flash fiction (up to 1000 words). Each session includes writing exercises and reading,  reflection, and discussion. You  will also receive  suggested further reading and extended writing exercises to be completed at home between the fortnightly sessions. At the end of the three months it is expected that you will have completed a piece of short fiction and have gained a deeper understanding of the elements of writing fiction.