I Just Wanna Wish You Well

We Just Wanna Wish YouWell I had intended to write a cheery Christmas post but I put it off because I wanted to share a  new poem that went live at Quartet Journal (USA) on January 1st. The poem is titled 'Mary Ruefle is Right: Menopause is Adolescence All Over Again', and it pretty well sums up my preoccupations in 2022. Quartet is an online journal of poetry by women fifty and over. I admire the work in Quartet very much, and am really pleased to have this particular poem accept in this particular journal. CLICK HERE to read my poem and all the other super poems in Quartet's Winter 2023 Issu So you don't miss out on the extended version of my updates, you can subscribe to receive my newsletters HERE. I send them out once a month or so. And have you heard Baker Boy's 'I Just Wanna Wish You Well' featuring Bernard Fanning? No?  "Do yourself a favour" (as Molly Meldrum would say back in the day) and CHECK HIS MUSIC OUT HERE.   Warning: You will p

Winner, Woollahra Digital Literary Award for Poetry

  This year has been an extraordinary one. I decided to quit my part-time job and commit to writing full-time. It was a thrilling and scary decision, a long time in the making. Then, as if I needed reminding that life is short so I had better get on with it, my mother died on January 12th, while I was in hotel quarantine. Two days before my mother's funeral I got a phone call from the UK informing me that my poem 'A Poem To My Mother That She Will Never Read' had won the International Mslexia Award for Poetry. That was one of the most poetic moments of my life. Poetic because the poetry that resonates best with me always makes me feel more than one thing. Being published online meant I was able to submit it to the Woollahra Digital Literary Award for Poetry in Australia. It was announced last night that it won that award.   I am humbled, grateful, proud, teary, sad, elated. Thanks to Woollahra Council & Libraries; Ocean Vuong for the title inspo; all the poets whos

SIARAD shortlisted for International Poetry Book Award 2022 (EDIT: Wins Second Prize)

SIARAD won 2nd prize in the International Poetry Book Awards! I feel so much love for the team that created this book: Bronwyn Mehan at Spineless Wonders (ES-Press), Bettina Kaiser, designer and illustrator, and Matilda Gould who provided editorial assistance.   Thanks so much to judge of the award, John Evans, and administrator Dave Lewis.  And big congratulations to Rufus Mufasa for her collection Flashbacks and Flowers .  To celebrate this success, we're making SIARAD the Audiobook available for $1.99 . But only until November 18, so you'll need to get in quick! CLICK HERE FOR LINK ORIGINAL POST: SIARAD has been shortlisted for the International Poetry Book Awards 2022, a Welsh-based international poetry awards programme open to all indie authors, self-published poets and those published by small independent publishers. You can check out all shortlisted authors HERE.