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A Poem to My Mother That She Will Never Read

 Hello there, I have a new poem out in the world, 'A Poem To My Mother That She Will Never Read', which has won the 2021 International Mslexia Poetry Competition.  I got the phone call from the editor of Mslexia in the UK telling me I'd won the prize the day before my mother's funeral. What an incredibly bitter-sweet moment. photo credit: Glenn Hayden It's a special win for me because the poem recounts what turned out to the last time I saw my Mum in July 2021. I flew to Perth from Adelaide to see her in November but while we were in the air the West Australian Premier, Mark McGowan, made the decision that all passengers from South Australia would have to quarantine for 2 weeks. My planned trip was only for 10 days. So, I landed in W.A and 2 hours later I was on a plane back to S.A., without seeing my Mum The same hard border controls were in place when I arrived in Perth in January when I knew Mum was in the terminal phase of palliative care. ie She was dying. But

An Exhibition, A Poem & Twitter

 Dear Friend, I'm inviting you to the Opening of Duck n Weave Artist Collective's 2022 Adelaide Fringe Exhibition UNRAVELLED on Friday March 4, at 6pm at Ginger's Vintage Lounge Bar, 109 Goodwood Rd. This is a special graduation of the 2021/2022 Creative Exchange participants (I'm one of them). Creative Exchange is an Artist mentorship and collegiate support group that meets monthly for a year of living creatively. It is a deeply meaningful journey of putting our art first. The exhibition features acrylic painting, sculpture, collage, cyanotype and textiles. I have 8 collage on ply in the exhibition (that's one of them on the poster). They're all for sale. One is inspired by the poem The Sky Is The Great Entrance by Jill Jones. You can read Jill's poem HERE. There will be light supper food available and the bar will be open for a fabulous fun night of art and good company. You can register you interest HERE (helps assist with our Covid 19 safety planning).