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Perform Write

--> Neil Gaiman reads 'A Christmas Carol' Hear ye, hear ye! I’m presenting a workshop at the South Australian Writers Centre on February 7th from 2-5pm, drawing on all that I’ve learnt about performance in the past 25 years (Lordy, has it been that long?!) From my acting days at the Hayman Theatre, Perth in the nineties all the way through to my being recent producer and mc of Spineless Wonders Presents at Adelaide’s Wheatsheaf Hotel, I’ve picked up some tricks that I’m going to share. I guarantee they will induce in you a state of euphoric calm, smooth the creases of your stage fright, have you raring to go and wowing your audience at your very first performance gig! Yeah? No. But I do know how nerve-wracking it is for many writers to have to read their own work aloud to an audience. We’re not all Neil Gaiman, right? (Though I suspect even he started somewhere in the land of nerves). A writer is used to using her mind but what the hell does she

Used Ideas are Good Ideas

--> choose your own word I like things that others have used – books, clothes & furniture, houses, paths, words, ideas. Last year I borrowed an idea from a friend and loved it so much I’m using it again. The idea is this: throughout the year write down  your celebrations, successes and happy moments on scraps of paper and place them in a jar. You may decorate the jar ( I did). On new year’s eve celebrate the year that was by reading aloud what’s written on each scrap. You may do this while drinking a bottle of bubbles (I did). Then burn the paper, thus making way for new riches in the year ahead. That’s it. So simple, so good. Here are some of my 2014 celebrations: Received bag of fresh, sweet home-grown peaches from a friend; took a voice class; did excellent job of chairing forum for Adelaide Writer’s Week; cried at Nick Cave concert; laughed at Miley Cyrus concert; signed up for yoga classes; Nonu (my dog) had his first play date at the beach … you get the ide