SIARAD Audiobook

I'm so happy to announce that my collection of poetry and prose SIARAD has been released as an Audiobook. Available NOW from:  GOOGLE PLAY | AUTHORS DIRECT | KOBO | SCRIBD | CHIRP |  Available in January 2021 from AMAZON AUDIBLE   Watch the Trailer HERE SIARAD, poetry and prose written and read by Caroline Reid   running time: 120 minutes presented by Spineless Wonders Audio sound design and production by Jeffrey Zhang   design and illustrations by Bettina Kaiser editorial assistance by Matilda Gould   SIARAD is a 34- track Audiobook in which Jeffrey and I tried pushing the limits of the form. We tried to get a flow and a soundscape that was a bit unconventional. We worked in different geographical locations (Jeff in Sydney, me in Adelaide) and shared the tracks in Google Drive. Lots of to and fro before it all came together. It was such a fun collaboration! We're both keen to get working on SIARAD, the Show which we'll be presenting in March 2021 as part of Adelaide Fr

Slow Art or Things that Move You

In 2015 I painted a canvas with swirls of red and orange, gold and white. I liked the movement of the paint but didn't much care for the end result. Five years later, after browsing through an old art journal, I began adding bold circles and swirls with a permanent marker; negative space opened up and suddenly I perceived the piece quite clearly. I knew exactly how to finish it. The piece is now hanging in my study, a kind of talisman for the year ahead.   I've always loved drawing, doodling and painting circles, swirls and spirals. These are the shapes that move me, that speak to me in some profound way. As we move into this new year, I set an intention to focus on these shapes. I am curious about what they will reveal. Already I have begun playing with ways that I can include them into my upcoming Adelaide Fringe Show , maybe in the set or the props I use. What shapes speak to you?

2020, The Year of Multiple Mediums

The pointy end of the year is here. So soon? I say this every year at about this time. Time. I think about it more and more as my mother fades, as I move closer to menopause with each month that passes sans menses. Yesterday I listened to this poem 'Dearly' by Margaret Atwood . You might enjoy it. Enjoy may not be the right word but then again it might, if you like your poetry slightly melancholy with a touch of black humour.       "So hard to describe the smallest details ... of how we used to live/We wrapped garbage in newspaper tied with string/What is newspaper?/You see what I mean?" I reference Atwood in my biography of SIARAD. She and my mother share the same Christian names - Margaret Eleanor. Atwood's husband, like my mother, was diagnosed with dementia. He died a few years ago.      "Don't think this is morbid. It's just reality." writes Atwood in her poem. Totally. Audiobook Release: 10th December 2020 I mention this because time is pas