All This Movement
  The Writing Quarter Short Fiction Competition (Winner)

To Touch and Taste a Comet
  Cordite Poetry 87: DIFFICULT 

9 (found) poems
 E Ratio Post-Modern Poetry Issue 25 

The Gift
  BluePepper: Poetry with Bite

Last Dog
  Bath Flash Fiction Award  (Commended)

Writing into Darkness
  personal essay, apt

Preparing for Performance
  guest blog post at Scarlett van Dijk

Cultural Submissions
  prose poem, Verity La

Just for Jesus
  short fiction, apt

Highway One
  short fiction, Verity La 


Set in an isolated outback town, this moving and gutsy play is a confronting look at the impact of a young man’s suicide on the lives of the family and friends that are left behind. The work was developed over a number of years, made possible by the generous support and collaboration of the Mosman Park Arts Foundation, family members affected by suicide, community organisations and health professionals in Western Australia, to help address the issue of youth suicide in Australia.

"Not since Michael Gow's The Kid had I experienced a play which seemed equally powerful as realism and metaphor; written with compassion and genuine understanding."                             Aubrey Mellor, OAM
You can purchase a copy of Prayer to an Iron God through Currency Press

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