Selected Poems

CAROLINE REID is an award winning poet and performer who writes for page and stage.  

A playful black and white headshot of Poet and Performer Caroline Reid taken inside. She is using her fingers to pull down the skin on her cheeks, which distorts her face. One eye is in shadow, the other appears googly and oversized. Caroline is wearing a dark top. Her curly hair comes down to her shoulders.
Here is a sample of her work that you can read online:

'A Poem to My Mother That She Will Never Read', winner of Mslexia Poetry Award & Woollhara Digital Poetry Prize 2022

'impressions of hate and love' in Blue Bottle Journal, March 2024 
'Roads My Father Drove' in The Banyon Review, Issue 18 Spring 2024

'Aged Care Facility, Penultimate Visit' in The Banyon Review, Issue 18 Spring 2024 

'Meeting Nick Drake on the Pink Moon', collage poem in Star 82 Review, March 2024

'Ancient Dream of Good Fortune', collage poem in Star 82 Review, March 2024

'a small letter to history' in Cordite Poetry Review, Sept 2023

'The Nerves of Some People' in foam:e it's poetry, Issue 20 2023

'Mary Ruefle Is Right: Menopause is Adolescence All Over Again' in Quartet, Winter Issue 2023, Nominated for Best of the Net 2023

'After Normanville' in Blue Pepper, Sept 2022

'To Touch and Taste a Comet' in Cordite Poetry Review, Aug 2018

'9 (found) Poems' in Eratio Postmodern Poetry, Issue 25 2018

'Cultural Submissions' in Verity La, 2013