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Short Story Writing Short Course is on again

I've been away from Australia and neglecting this blog but I'm back in the saddle this month, writing from the comfort of the South Australian Writers Centre in the city of Adelaide, where I'm writer in residence until September. Thanks to some funding from Arts South Australia , I'll be more comfortable bcs I'll be less anxious about money for the duration of the residency. I'm also continuing to teach at Mockingbird Lounge , the casual monthly class (first Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm) and, beginning in September, I'm offering the short course in short story writing again, an excellent intensive for anyone who wants a crash course in how to write a story. The small group and supportive environment is well-suited for beginners or those dabbling in writing and want to gain some confidence or simply need a deadline so they can finish at least one story ! Here are the details: Specialising in Story: Short Story writing course Over six sessions writers