"I loved your sense of humour and that ever present sense of humbleness that often comes with great artists and brilliant teachers. Thank you for sharing your gift."

I've been an educator for over twenty years, working in schools, disability arts and the broader community. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree (Writing and Theatre), Certificate 3 in Education Support, and a Cert 3 in Individual Support (Disability and Aging). My teaching style is encouraging and enthusiastic. I build trust with humour and pathos, and provides a safe space for creative experimentation.

I taught the monthly creative writing workshops at Mockingbird Lounge for five years and was an arts support worker at Tutti Arts Inc, facilitating weekly performance and creative writing workshops for artists with disabilities. I've presented writing workshops in libraries, community centres and educational settings.

I also work one-on-one with emerging artists and established performers to develop new writing. Most recently,I mentored emerging poet Manuela Akot, supported by the Carclew Fellowship Program.  


In 2024 I am offering the following workshop:

The Memory Place

The Memory Place is a creative writing workshop open to all, including new and emerging writers, who want to explore personal history through objects and storytelling. During the session you'll be guided through a host of creative writing exercises that touch on some of the core elements of writing:  sensory description, setting and dialogue, object provenance. Then, with the approach of a curious collagist, you will cut, paste and shape a new story or poem. You don't need to prepare anything. The Memory Place is where the writing happens. Just bring along pen and paper, a treasured object or piece of clothing and you're good to go.

Suitable for those who have never written, who write in secret, or simply want to creatively explore family or personal history through objects and storytelling. 

Delivery: In Real Life

Contact Time: Single Session @ 3 hours OR Two Sessions @ 2 hours each

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"Thank you for the Life Writing Workshops. I absolutely loved every minute of them, the way you generously presented so much new learning material in a calm voice, while keeping the program running on track to ensure everyone had a chance to participate."