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2019 Goolwa Poetry Cup Champion

photo: Trentino Priori A few weeks ago I went to Goolwa for a crack at the Goolwa Poetry Cup, my 3rd year competing in this event. I always feel kinda awkward posting about this stuff because I come from a family/generation/culture that didn't go in for talking up personal achievements. It was perceived as bragging rather than celebrating. But I'm older now and see things differently. I won, dear reader. I am the 2019 Goolwa Poetry Cup Champion. Hazaar! I've never won a trophy cup before, unless you count the little one I was awarded by the swimming club in Kalgoorlie back in the 80s for being most consistent (or something) which means I didn't get better nor did I get worse, I just kept turning up. Wait, maybe writing and performing is the same except I give more of a shit about writing and performing so getting better is something I strive for.  I figure a win for a middle~aged woman who only recently discovered the power and pleasure of spoken word