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Writing in Paradise: Final Days

Gotta love a bridge decorated with flowers It was March 16 th when I returned to Adelaide from Fiji after completing Jan Cornall’s Breakthrough writing course, so it seems a bit redundant to now go through what I did in the last couple of days of a course I completed three months ago. So much has happened since then, but I do want to mention some exercises in the final session that were very useful:        create a writing timetable          write down what you’re prepared to give up for your writing (there’s always something)          what are your obstacles and how will you overcome them. I must confess that despite creating a writing timetable, I haven’t managed to stick to it. I’ve made lots of notes and thought a lot about what I want to write and how I will write it, I’ve visited art galleries, jotted down conversations and ideas, and while all of that will feed into my work, there has been an awful lot of procrastination on my part. Where I have bee