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Eat Your Mind

Cut-ups: Eat Your Mind It's been almost two months since I've written a new blog post and I'm wondering why. Perhaps  because it feels like this blog is now only a record of what I'm doing, which feels a tad self indulgent and slightly boring (for me and for you). I spent part of the Xmas season thinking on what I would like to change and a small voice said - more creativity, less documentation. Uh-huh. Let's go with that, small voice, I said. The voice got bigger. I've been reading a lot. Inspired by writers like Angela Carter, Geraldine Brooks, Hannah Kent,  Kathy Acker, Maxine Hong Kingston to try different styles.  I love this quote from Kathy Acker:  "Get Rid of Meaning:  Your mind is a nightmare that has been eating you:  Now Eat Your Mind" I've been led to cutting up text, re-arranging it and using it as inspiration for more writing. I write quickly, with very little editing and I end up with things like this: Wh