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One thing only

--> anne dessine April already? Hell. Since February I’ve been focussed on a single project and so my engagement with the world wide web has diminished. My Twitter account lies sweetly languid most of the time, I dropped Facebook altogether last year and have not missed it (but that’s another story), and as you can see my last post here was as far back as January. The only place I’m ‘visible’ these days is my Tumblr account, Caroline’s Collage , where I post images of collages I make, many of which are related to the creative project that I’m working on. I’m not saying this disengagement with the internet is right (digital engagement seems to be more and more necessary for writers these days if they want to be noticed and heard above the clamour of so many others), it’s simply what is right for me, at this time. So, to the project – like I said it is my focus, and is likely to be for the rest of the year and next. It doesn’t involve travelling (though I’m doin