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Winning at Poetry

Slam Heat #3   photo by Luxi Photography & Filmography My posts are becoming increasingly few and far between because I've been focussed on other writing projects and they are taking up most of my time. This is also partly a physical need - when I spend all day at the desk writing, I truly need to give my back and shoulders a break. But here's a quick update: Since July I've been writer in residence at the South Australian Writers Centre, working on my first novel. As part of that residency I've been lucky enough to sit in on workshops by Sam Cooney ( The Lifted Brow ) Rohan Wilson, recent Miles Franklin winner Alec Patric and the prolific and gregarious Kirsty Murray. These workshops have directly fed into the work that I'm doing. They have made me look at where the gaps are in my own writing (where I've tried to get away with taking shortcuts) and as a result I've made big decisions such as changing the pov in which the story is told and cutt

Get to know yourself through writing

Short Story Writing Short Course is on again

I've been away from Australia and neglecting this blog but I'm back in the saddle this month, writing from the comfort of the South Australian Writers Centre in the city of Adelaide, where I'm writer in residence until September. Thanks to some funding from Arts South Australia , I'll be more comfortable bcs I'll be less anxious about money for the duration of the residency. I'm also continuing to teach at Mockingbird Lounge , the casual monthly class (first Tuesday of the month from 7-9pm) and, beginning in September, I'm offering the short course in short story writing again, an excellent intensive for anyone who wants a crash course in how to write a story. The small group and supportive environment is well-suited for beginners or those dabbling in writing and want to gain some confidence or simply need a deadline so they can finish at least one story ! Here are the details: Specialising in Story: Short Story writing course Over six sessions writers

Book Booth Fundraiser

Pre-loved plays A few weeks ago I finished the first draft of what will be my first novel. It's the story of a young girl who immigrates to Australia from Wales with her family under the Ten Pound Pom immigration scheme offered by Australia's government from post WW2 to the 1970s. It's loosely based on my own experience, but I found myself wishing I could remember the landscape of Wales more specifically than my faded memory would allow.  And then something happened. Poetry My mum rang me to ask if I would accompany her on a trip back home to Wales.    Ma is a dynamic Welsh lady who comes in at just under 5 feet, who loves music and singing, who lives with hearing loss (which is apparently the result of her factory-working years, back before they knew the value of ear muffs) and has recently  been diagnosed with the early signs of dementia.  This trip will most likely be her final trip home to visit family and friends, to say goodby to her homeland

Portrait of a (Sun) Damaged Lady, or Get Thee to a Dermatologist

#sundamagedselfie This rather fetching selfie is my personal contribution to raising awareness of the effects of sun exposure on a fair-skinned person living in Australia. No, I don't have skin cancer. But I am currently in my third week of a four week treatment for Solar Keratosis, more commonly known as 'sunspots'. The redness you see is sun damage caused from too much sun exposure. The cream that I am using is called Efudix and comes in a tube that you apply twice a day. It works by destroying abnormal (or precancerous) skin cells. That's the redness. I am applying the cream to my nose, forehead, temples, left cheek, and hands. The skin is blistering and beginning to get crusty. It's a bit like a facial peel. Sure, it's a little uncomfortable and I had to postpone my modelling shoot for a few months, but it's worth it. The dermatologist who prescribed the treatment assures me I'll have the skin of a sixteen year old when I

Writing - There is no Magic Formula

I'm thrilled to be invited back to Mockingbird Lounge to teach the Creative Writing classes. There are two classes: 1. Casual Writing Group (first Tuesday of each month, 7-9pm) Casual and low pressure, this group is all about generating new work. I'll guide you through two hours of writing and you'll walk away with a whole lot of new stuff plus exercises to practice at home by yourself (or with a writing buddy). Surprise yourself at how much you can get done in 120 minutes. 2. Short Story Writing Course (Closed Group) If you're ready for a more immersive writing experience, then this one is for you. Held over 3 months (6 fortnightly sessions), you'll be guided through the fundamentals of storytelling such as characterisation, point of view, dialogue and metaphor. By the time you finish the course you'll have completed a polished piece of fiction, gained a deeper understanding of the writing process and learnt how to critique the work of others.  T