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Winning at Poetry

Slam Heat #3   photo by Luxi Photography & Filmography My posts are becoming increasingly few and far between because I've been focussed on other writing projects and they are taking up most of my time. This is also partly a physical need - when I spend all day at the desk writing, I truly need to give my back and shoulders a break. But here's a quick update: Since July I've been writer in residence at the South Australian Writers Centre, working on my first novel. As part of that residency I've been lucky enough to sit in on workshops by Sam Cooney ( The Lifted Brow ) Rohan Wilson, recent Miles Franklin winner Alec Patric and the prolific and gregarious Kirsty Murray. These workshops have directly fed into the work that I'm doing. They have made me look at where the gaps are in my own writing (where I've tried to get away with taking shortcuts) and as a result I've made big decisions such as changing the pov in which the story is told and cutt

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