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Looking forward to a reliably enchanting event

Spineless Wonders Presents ... on Feb 12th 2013 There are some things I don't look forward to - visits to the dentist; late night phone calls; walking blindfolded, backwards on a rickety bridge which is suspended over a deep canyon where one wrong step means I plummet into the chasm, my body turning up bloody and smashed and dead on the rocks below; being in a room with more than six people ... except when those people are either reading or listening to stories.  There is something happening in Adelaide, and it happens every 3 months, and it involves reading and listening and I look forward to it very much.  Contemporary Australian stories are read by a team of professional actors to a listening audience. It's an event that has quietly gathered a following since it first began in 2011 and has been described by Overland's fiction editor, Jen Mills , as 'reliably enchanting ... closer to New York's Selected Shorts than anything else in Australia'. It