Looking forward to a reliably enchanting event

Spineless Wonders Presents ... on Feb 12th 2013
There are some things I don't look forward to - visits to the dentist; late night phone calls; walking blindfolded, backwards on a rickety bridge which is suspended over a deep canyon where one wrong step means I plummet into the chasm, my body turning up bloody and smashed and dead on the rocks below; being in a room with more than six people ... except when those people are either reading or listening to stories. 

There is something happening in Adelaide, and it happens every 3 months, and it involves reading and listening and I look forward to it very much. 

Contemporary Australian stories are read by a team of professional actors to a listening audience. It's an event that has quietly gathered a following since it first began in 2011 and has been described by Overland's fiction editor, Jen Mills, as 'reliably enchanting ... closer to New York's Selected Shorts than anything else in Australia'.

It's an event that I began producing because I wanted excellence - in content and delivery. I believe that Australia in general and Adelaide in particular is more than capable of producing excellence and I wanted to show that off. The stories are written by published authors and presented by professional actors. There's no guarantee that everyone will like everything that's read and that's absolutely fine, encouraged even. 

Spineless Wonders Presents is an event that isn't trying to be flashy or clever or competitive. It's an easy-going night where people get together to read, listen and talk; laugh and be moved. It's something  I look forward to, I really do. How about you?

(if you'd like to know more about SWP's readers and writers go to: Spineless Wonders Presents )

Caroline x