LIFE AMONG TREES (Group Exhibition) 
Nature Festival, South Australia
Atrium, Burnside Civic Centre, 401 Greenhill Road, Tusmore
26 Sept - 21 Oct 2022
The exhibition will highlight and provide a showcase of creative work inspired by trees.  
'What The Tree Saw' Collage on plywood (80cm x 80cm)
'What the Tree Saw'
ARTIST'S STATEMENT: What the Tree Saw represents a tree biscuit, or cross-section of a tree. I was inspired by a bottlebrush, a common street tree, that was cut down outside my house by council workers. It had been a resident longer than most people on the street. I reflected on what was lost with the removal of that tree. I wanted to create an artwork that depicted the tree as an active, integral presence in the community, a witness to life. How might a tree see? I thought about patterns, fleeting images, snippets of conversation. Recycling is integral to my art making, so I worked with free and found materials: the plywood was rescued from a skip on a building site. Most of the materials I used to make the collage came from trees.


UNRAVELLED: Paths Crossed, Stories Told (Group Exhibition)
Adelaide FRINGE Event
Gingers Coffee Studio, 109 Goodwood Road, Goodwood 
1st - 20th March 2022
I had 8 collage on plywood exhibited in Unravelled
ARTIST'S STATEMENT: As part of my commitment to recycling, I use mostly free and found materials to create collage. Festival programs, magazines, newspaper, wallpaper, worksite plans, maps, paint swatches, music manusciprt, wrapping paper, photogrphas, hand-written notes & recipes, old artwork and hand-made paper I've been gifted are just some of the materials I use. I included 8 collage works in the exhibition, all of them glued onto plywood that was rescued from the skip at a building site. I used Posca Pens to add texture.

EMERGENCE Vintage Festival Art Prize Exhibition (Group Exhibition)
15 April - 7 June 2021
"Emergence is the process of becoming visible after being concealed – into existence, into prominence. Originating from the lation word 'emergere' meaning 'bring to light. Emergence straddles the edge of becoming, it is the unforeseen. As our lives unfurl across unexpected times, we are launched into a regenerative space of creation and renewal. What transformation will emerge from the ashes of best laid plans? What new growth has yet to shoot from deep transformation? What potential is rising to the brim?"
My work Reminiscing Reimagined, was exhibited in the Emergence Vintage Festival

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: Reminiscing Reimagined emerged out of absence. My mother lives in Perth and has advanced Alzheimer’s disease. During the worst of Covid-19 I wasn’t able to cross borders to be with her. I had already been making pods that contained the small objects she no longer used like house keys, a library card, sewing paraphanelia. To express my grief, I began making empty pods. I chose vibrant colours that I knew my mother liked. And as I bundled, stitched and wove, memories of her emerged. I added umbilical cords; like the invisible threads of memory that connect us, they extend beyond what can be seen. Coiled, but not fastened, the nest has a cord too. One tug and the structure tumbles. The pods scatter. It is strong and vulnerable, both. This is what it is to be grieving. To be human.