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Free Daily Writing Prompts delivered to your inbox every day in August.  Coronavirus continues to circle the community, causing borders to shut, raising fear and anxiety. To relieve my anxiety, I usually turn to writing. To help me get started I've put together 31 writing prompt which I'd like to share with you. CLICK HERE to sign up I haven’t been able to write much this year. Has it been the same for you? Instead of writing I’ve been playing with pictures, making collages, junk journals and up-cycled notebooks. This has brought me a great deal of joy but these past months I have been wanting to get back to writing in a meaningful way. SOOOO …. Last week I set myself some writing goals. In August (which is poetry month in Australia) my goal is to draft 4 new poems and finish 2 poems that are currently in-progress. To help me I’ve put together 31 writing prompts, one for each day. There are different types of prompts such as Observation


  Junk Journals - covers A whole month of poetry! How sweet is that? An initiative of Red Room Poetry, you can head over to their website and check out all the wonderfully poetic things that are happening between August 1-31.   I'll also be releasing details very soon of how you can sign up for my newsletter. Yeah, I've been dreaming about setting up a newsletter for loyal followers for quite some time now, and Poetry Month is just the right motivation to make it happen. The first newsletter will offer discounts to my upcoming (return) season of SIARAD in September, plus specials on the print and audio book. I'll also have more information about my hand-made Poetry Prompt Journals.     Junk Journal - interior I learnt how to make Junk Journals recently, at a great place called The Adelaide Remakery. What fun! So, I've added my twist to them, and have been busy making Punk As Fuq Poetry Prompt Junk Journals (I know, it's a mouthful) - a fun resource to help inspire