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Bruce Willis, sex, a cat and a haemorrhoid

So the Bruce Willis and sex connection may be obvious; Bruce Willis, sex and a haemorrhoid - well, yes; but Bruce Willis, sex, a CAT and a haemorrhoid? Sounds bloody. Full stop.  And what's with the dead goldfish, the meals on wheels worker and a broken typewriter? In the hands of accomplished writers and  engaging performers it's no longer sounding like a Bloody Bruce Willis Beastiality new release but more like a night of story readings at The Wheatsheaf Hotel. More like? There is so much more to like. To like more, take a trip to Spineless Wonders Presents . If you come on down, it's worth getting there early. February session was standing room only. More Like. Tuesday May 8th, FREE event for your listening pleasure

Quite seriously

My short story writing is going well. What I mean by 'well' is that I'm loving it. I can write a story fairly quickly - I just finished a story of about 3500 words in 6 weeks. (see p.s.) It's the story I've been blogging about - the one with the angel in it. The title I eventually settled on is 'Minor Key'. By some people's standards 6 weeks may be fairly slow but if writing has taught me one thing, it's that comparing the way you do things to the way that others do is a recipe for disaster. Today I sent that story off to my first American journal. That left me feeling very satisfied. Which, funnily enough, is the title of my first collection of stories. Earlier this month I received a letter from The Edward F. Albee Foundation. I applied for a writers residency with the foundation that would have been for 4 weeks. The letter informed me that they were very sorry, but not this time. I was a little disappointed but not surprised. Every year The