Bruce Willis, sex, a cat and a haemorrhoid

So the Bruce Willis and sex connection may be obvious; Bruce Willis, sex and a haemorrhoid - well, yes; but Bruce Willis, sex, a CAT and a haemorrhoid? Sounds bloody. Full stop.  And what's with the dead goldfish, the meals on wheels worker and a broken typewriter? In the hands of accomplished writers and  engaging performers it's no longer sounding like a Bloody Bruce Willis Beastiality new release but more like a night of story readings at The Wheatsheaf Hotel. More like? There is so much more to like. To like more, take a trip to Spineless Wonders Presents. If you come on down, it's worth getting there early. February session was standing room only. More Like.

Tuesday May 8th, FREE event
for your listening pleasure


Sean Wright said…
So sorry I missed this
Caroline said…
Hey Sean,
Good thing there's another coming up in November. November 6th to be exact. I shall keep you posted :]