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Applying for Grants (or Talent Isn't Enough)

Talented? Or just hard workers? 2012 has been my year of learning the art of grant writing, and I'm pleased to say I was successful in my first grant application (Yay for ARTS SA !). How did I manage it? I started writing it months in advance, asked  a dear friend if I could have a look at one of her successful applications [the dear friend say yes, thank you Emma Beech ], and then spent hours getting it 'just right'. I also had two people proofread it and give constructive criticism. I was going to write a more detailed 'how to write a successful grant' post.. but when I started looking around this amazing world wide web I discovered there's already plenty out there on this subject. I'd just be repeating heaps of others, so here's where I direct you to Lisa Hannett's website and her most excellent blog on 'Applying for Grants' ). I recently completed a two part workshop with Lisa at the South Australian Writers Centre, and what are t