SIARAD is a unique  collection of poetry & prose illustrated by Bettina Kaiser. SIARAD won 2nd prize in the Poetry Book Awards (UK)



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"The singing energy of Welsh literature is here grafted onto Australian colloquial informality and laid-back irony ... Bettina Kaiser's distinctive black-and-white design and illustrations are a precise fit with both the form and the content of Reid's text, in an inventive collaboration between writer and artist." – Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald

  "While Reid's gift for imagery is a major strength, it is her empathy for humankind that makes her a truly intriguing writer." – Stylus Lit

"SIARAD is a roar of reassurance; of self-discovery and self-empowerment." – Underground Writers

"Psychedelic. Startling. Alive." Donna Ward
"This book is truly brilliant work." – Rachael Mead
"SIARAD is the most enjoyable collection I've read this year." – Sarah Temporal

SIARAD, poetry and prose
Category:   Spoken Word, Prose Poetry,  Micro Fiction 
ISBN:   9781 925052497
Publisher:   Spineless Wonders
Imprint:   ES-Press
Pub Date:   May 2020 
Pages:   180


PRAYER TO AN IRON GOD: Published by Currency Press

This book is out of print. Copies available from the author. Please send your inquiry through the Contact form.

"If you want an evening of decent Aussie drama, this is the show for you. The production of Caroline Reid's play Prayer to an Iron God is one of the most powerful, relevant and intense evenings you will spend in the theatre this year."
– Matt Byrne, The Sunday Mail


Category: Playscript
Subjects: Suicide-Social Aspects-Drama
ISBN: 9780 868198675
Publisher: Currency Press
Pub Date: 2010
Pages: 56