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"Psychedelic. Startling. Alive." – Donna Ward, She I Dare Not Name: A Spinster's Meditations on Life

"This book is a piece of art in the way that Caroline Reid is an artist.  It is truly brilliant work." – Rachael Mead, The Application of Pressure, The Flaw in the Pattern

"I was re-reading SIARAD again today ... it's so good. I just love the different tempos and rhythms." – Tracy Crisp, An Evening with The Vegetarian Librarian, Surrogate

"I heard your voice in my head as I read, so it was like you were reading it to me. I love 'Lost' the most. All those beautiful spaces around the words." – Kristin Martin, To Rhyme Or Not To Rhyme

"SIARAD is the most enjoyable collection I've read this year. Caroline's voice is authentic, it leaps from the page. There were moments I gasped out loud as the writing hits you right in the gut ... Absolutely recommended whether you think you like poetry or not." – Sarah Temporal, poet  &  performer 

SIARAD is a Welsh word, meaning to talk, to speak. Across this unique collection of award-winning spoken word, prose poetry and micro-fiction, Caroline Reid blurs the borders between hilarity and heartache as she moves from political critique to inter-generational memoir to absurdist erotica. The works are strung together like Christmas lights on a boarded-up pub – shocks of light and colour that defy their bleak subject matter. Many voices will speak to you in SIARAD, and all beg to be shouted, spoken and whispered again long after you've turned the final page. 

SIARAD, poetry and prose
Category:   Spoken Word, Prose Poetry, Micro Fiction 
ISBN:   9781 925052497
Publisher:   Spineless Wonders
Imprint:   ES-Press
Pub Date:   May 2020 
Pages:   180


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