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Video Poem: To Touch and Taste a Comet

I have a new video poem out in the world.  You can catch it here on Vimeo : To Touch and Taste a Comet

State Poetry Slam Finals in my sight

photo credit: Rose Mackenzie 2019 has a been a big year on many levels, so I dunno about you but I forgive myself for the scant blogging. Here's a brief rundown: I secured some funding to work with the incredible Toni Jordan as a writing mentor. But as luck would have it, the very first month I began working with Toni a spot came up in an Aged Care home for my mum. She'd been on a waitlist with two care homes for almost a year and I'd made phone calls a few weeks prior to see if there was anything available only to be told my mum's appplication had been lost and I'd need to reapply.  I panicked (#understatement) because I knew my mum's ability to live independently was fast deteriorating  due to Alzheimer's Disease and I didn't know how much longer I'd be able to manage her life while living 2700kms away. Long story short, the lost application seemed to work in our favour (#agedcareguilt) because Mum was offered a placement within weeks. This