2019 Goolwa Poetry Cup Champion

photo: Trentino Priori
A few weeks ago I went to Goolwa for a crack at the Goolwa Poetry Cup, my 3rd year competing in this event. I always feel kinda awkward posting about this stuff because I come from a family/generation/culture that didn't go in for talking up personal achievements. It was perceived as bragging rather than celebrating. But I'm older now and see things differently. I won, dear reader. I am the 2019 Goolwa Poetry Cup Champion. Hazaar!

I've never won a trophy cup before, unless you count the little one I was awarded by the swimming club in Kalgoorlie back in the 80s for being most consistent (or something) which means I didn't get better nor did I get worse, I just kept turning up. Wait, maybe writing and performing is the same except I give more of a shit about writing and performing so getting better is something I strive for. 

I figure a win for a middle~aged woman who only recently discovered the power and pleasure of spoken word is a win for all middle~aged women. Confidence comes to some much later than others (especially women I think). There's a constant oppressive message in our culture that the older you get the less you matter. I reckon that's a crock. I'm only just getting started. Persistence pays. Find your voice, find your supports (you'll need them) and speak your words.  

Thanks to Nigel Ford et al for creating these opportunities to turn up to *insert swimming emoji*  Thanks for the real life cup, and for the thousand bucks. It's going to make Christmas a whole lot sweeter. 

C x