FANDANGO: Performance Poetry in Adelaide Fringe 2024

I'm super-pleased to be a part of this excellent line-up of spoken word performers in this year's Adelaide Fringe!

Fandango is a showcase of spoken word artists and their fandoms and obsessions.

WHAT: FANDANGO, spoken word poetry
WHERE: Laneway Garden Stage at Mixed Creative, Port Adelaide
WHEN: Friday, March 1st, 8pm
Hosted by Pam Makin and Tracey O’Callaghan
Featuring Aubrey, Avalanche, Jazz, Caroline Reid, Tegan Sabine, Kerryn Tredrea, and Todd Alan Wight

I'm performing a set Breaking Up With Bob Dylan:

“When I listened to Dylan all through the nineties, he was already as old as my parents. I didn’t care. It was his 1960s stuff I was listening to, that became the lyrical soundtrack to my fuqd-up 20s. I lined up for concert tix, read the books, learned the lyrics & played his songs with gusto on the guitar. Thirty years later, when he played Bonython Park, I tried to break up with him. But he wasn’t having a bar of it ...”

Nine performers will confess their love of punk, pop, poetry, skateboarding, space, stars, song lyrics, Wonder Woman, and webcomics. You’ll never believe it, but it’s these fandoms that keep us sane (ish). Will you do the Fandango?