Two small, good things


I got a text message from a friend: 'The violinist from your story is in the mall today. And she's hot!'

It's really something special when someone recognises a fictional character from one of your stories. The story is 'Silver and the Red Box Waltz' published in the Spineless Wonders Escape  anthology. It's about a young man who falls in lust with a sexy fiddle player burning out gypsy tunes in the mall. My friend looked around for the young man, Silver, but couldn't see anyone in a hi-viz shirt and steel cap boots  that day.


Yesterday, after I finished the third draft of a story ('The Piano Lesson') I was looking through a book on the Australian artist John Perceval. (Who is John Perceval?  I discovered a painting by him in the South Australian Art Gallery  a few years back then, when I went looking for some more info on him I found a book by Margaret Plant in a second-hand bookshop but hadn't looked at it for some time. I'm reading Patrick White's The Vivisector this month, his fantastic novel about the artist Hurtle Duffield, and maybe that's why I went to the book); But the point is I have an angel in my story 'The Piano Lesson' and what a joy it was to discover him in one of John Perceval's paintings. Here he is:

John Perceval: Little Boy in the Night 1965
And here is something else of him:
detail from: Still Searching 1961
And this:
detail from: Jacob wrestling with the Angel under the Rainbow 1967

John Perceval was the last surviving member of the Angry Penguins, a loose-knit group of Australian painters who radically changed the local art scene in the 1940s and early 1950s. He drew a lot of angels and created many more out of ceramics, like this:
Angel with Legs and Arms Astride (Stolen Angel) 1961
Isn't she hot? 

So they are two, small good things that have happened in my week. What about you?

Caroline xx


Anonymous said…
Love the paintings :)

Kym B.
Caroline said…
Glad you like em Kym. x C