Vaulting Ambitions, July23rd Showcase

This year I was accepted into Vaulting Ambitions, a 5 month incubator program “designed to arm creatives to tackle the business side of their craft.”  It’s run by Libby Trainor-Parker and Matthew Trainor at Prompt Creative under a strategic partnership with City of Adelaide.

There’s so much learning going on! I realised I was hungry for this kind of learning, from digital literacy to how to write a pitch letter, it's hands-on, with practical application, and we're getting to meet all kinds of industry professionals.

One of the program's great strengths is the regular check-ins and mentoring sessions. A regular space that holds you accountable can seriously help with ticking off those list and bigger goals.

I think what I'm saying is that the real gift here is community. Being in contact with other creative folk has made me feel less alone, more connected. I’m reminded that everyone experiences challenges when running a solo arts business; and that talking about it with others can help to solve problems and soothe anxiety. I’ve felt a palpable sense of energy, motivation and buoyancy. And I've got shit done.

As part of the Vaulting Ambitions program, we are presenting a showcase of our talents, ARTFUL EXPRESSIONS – NO LIMITS! It's a free event, and you're invited.

If you're thinking of applying for the Vaulting Ambitions program next year (this is the 3rd year it has been on offer and it's gaining popularity), I'd definitely recommend coming along to ask questions, meet Libby and Matt and a whole bunch of artists, and check out what Vaulting Ambitions is all about. 

There's a mixed bag of arts practitioners - visual artists, actors, musicians, singers, comedians, poets (das me!), and a professional storyteller. I'm excited to be performing poetry at a mixed art form event, and am teaming up with visual artists to do something a little different. It's all a big experiment, and you're invited to this free event. You can CLICK HERE to book your spot.

When: Sunday, 23 July, 3-5pm

Where: Prompt Creative, 8/205 Pirie Street, Adelaide

Tix: FREE 

Bookings: HERE

Supported by: City of Adelaide & Expressions Media


Can't wait to see you there!