SIARAD makes a Comeback in September

 Heeeey, thanks for dropping by. Things have been rumbling along since March. My Adelaide Fringe show came and went. The audiences were lovely and the studio space was so intimate it felt like I was performing to friends in my lounge room. I did 3 shows, with a splash of heckling on opening night, which I loved! The wonderful Alice Gorman (otherwise knows as Dr Space Junk) had this to say in her review:

"Reid's delivery of her words is masterful It's no wonder she has twice been a finalist in the Australian Poetry Slam. She blends cadence with a conversational style that hits just the right balance. Music, sound effects and props augment the words and emotions as Reid moves from verse to verse. This is not a chronological narrative, but you feel you have taken a journey with Reid to some place of stillness and acceptance at the end ... This is poetry of the best kind, that engages you and makes you want to be BFFs with the poet."

 If you didn't get to the show, the good news is that I've been invited back to The Goodwood Theatre to do a return season as part of their 'Comeback' program in September 2021, about 4 months away. And this time it will be video-recorded so we can make it accessible to a wider audience. Woot! More details to come. Watch this space ... 

Pics taken by the wonderful Lucinda Corin.



photo credits: @lucindacorin


Carolyn Cordon said…
Way you! Well done, Caroline, keep on being awesome!