Slow Art or Things that Move You

In 2015 I painted a canvas with swirls of red and orange, gold and white. I liked the movement of the paint but didn't much care for the end result. Five years later, after browsing through an old art journal, I began adding bold circles and swirls with a permanent marker; negative space opened up and suddenly I perceived the piece quite clearly. I knew exactly how to finish it. The piece is now hanging in my study, a kind of talisman for the year ahead.


I've always loved drawing, doodling and painting circles, swirls and spirals. These are the shapes that move me, that speak to me in some profound way. As we move into this new year, I set an intention to focus on these shapes. I am curious about what they will reveal. Already I have begun playing with ways that I can include them into my upcoming Adelaide Fringe Show, maybe in the set or the props I use. What shapes speak to you?