Poetry In Your Hands

I've heard many people say (definitely one person, maybe even two) that poetry soothes them in strange and troubled times. Maybe you are looking for some poetry right now? If you don't know where to start, this could be a good place:

 In Your Hands, an e-book of contemporary Australian poetry you can download for free.


In Your Hands is published by Red Room Poetry. A brilliant, generous initiative In Your Hands was commissioned and published by Red Room Poetry & Oranges and Sardines. It contains 80 poems by Australian poets who have had a collection published recently, and whose opportunities for performance & promotion have been affected by COVID-19.

There are some excellent poets represented in the collection including Jill Jones, Michael Farrell, Ellen van Neerven, Ali Whitelock, Mark Tredennick.

I am very grateful and excited that 'Talking Bob Dylan Blues', one of my poems from my collection SIARAD has been included in In Your Hands.

Even if you (think) you don't like poetry (what??), In Your Hands may be a good introduction. It may even intrigue you. And if you're super-intrigued by one or more of the poets, there are links embedded in the pdf that will direct you to the site where you can buy that poet's collection. Simple!

So, join the club and peruse a plate/pot/pdf of poetry during this pandemic. go the poetry.

C x