BOOK LAUNCH: SIARAD by Caroline Reid

There are boxes in my hallway where there shouldn't be boxes. I sleep with my bedroom door open and the cardboard boxes are the first thing I see when I wake up. Sometimes, before I am fully awake, I mistake them for my dog or a statue. But no, they are definitely boxes and inside them are books. My books. All with the same title, SIARAD; published by ES-Press, an imprint of Spineless Wonders.

This part of the process of book writing and publishing feels strange. It's the part where ownership of what's inside the books, the poems and stories, no longer feel like they belong to me. Perhaps they never did. It's a little strange and also a little nice. It helps with the slight worry over what people will think of the book. I'm pretty sure this worry is normal and I'm trying to pay it no mind.

A debut collection of prose and poetry is not exactly The Da Vinci Code so there aren't hundreds of boxes in my hallway. There are three boxes, actually. It's a small print run. However, a small print run is not going to stop us from having a book launch with live readings of some of the work, and you are invited.

The launch will be held on Monday March 2nd at  Sparkke at the Whitmore on Whitmore Square on Kaurna land. If you haven't been to The Whitmore, it's well worth coming along just to marvel at the building and its brew. It's that rare thing, a pub with a social conscience managed and owned by women. We'll start gathering around 6pm and things will kick off around 6.30pm.

Your MC for the night will be my friend, the actor Emma Beech. And launching the book will be the wonderful poet Rachael Mead. Bronwyn Mehan of Spineless Wonders will be there. Food and drink are available for purchase.

We'd love to see you there. Let's get these books out of their boxes and into your hands. (oh come on, I'm allowed to be a little cheesey, right?)

C x