What do write when a poet that inspires you was inspired by another poet ..?

It's Australian Poetry Slam Season and we're 3 heats down, 2 to go in South Australia. I was lucky enough to win the 3rd heat. That means I'll be performing alongside 9 other poets on stage at the Goodwood Institute on 20th September. This will be my third state final. Each performance is different, but they all come with a good dose of adrenalin! The final has always been a sell-out, so if you're keen to go it's recommended you book tickets. If you do what is habitual in Adelaide - turn up on the night hoping to get in, you may be disappointed. You can GET TIX here. 

Me n Emma Tam  ... image: Lucinda Corin
I've also been booked to do a feature live performance set at the notorious Spoke N Slurred  at The Brick City Bar on Grenfell Street on 30th September. I'm writing some longer work for that, so if you like your poetry longer than 2 minutes, you might enjoy this one! I'm experimenting with form after New Zealand poet Hera Lindsay Bird and American poet Mark Leidner, whose poem 5 sonnets happens to be published in the same issue of Cordite (87: Diffficult) as my poem To Touch and Taste a Comet. But that's not where I first read him .. I looked him up after I read Hera Lindsay Bird's poem 'Lost Scrolls' which she writes is After Mark Leidner .. I love these threads of discovering new writers.

So now I'm writing a poem inspired by Hera Lindsay Bird who was inspired by Mark Leidner .. What do I write as my dediction? After Hera Lindsay Bird After Mark Leidner ...?