LOST, a video poem

Launched last week at Chateau Apollo in Adelaide, my first video poem is up for viewing

presented by Pamela Boutros and Draw Your (S)words

sink into it

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love to hear your thoughts


lylyee said…
"That's the thing about poetry, it can lead you where you don't want to be led."

<3 Perfection.
Unknown said…
Hi Caroline, I really like your poem and the video. I painted the ‘stronger’ piece that you’re posing in front of! So I just wanted to say hi and thanks :-D
Anonymous said…
You are awesome, Caroline! I just love your delivery.
Caroline said…
thanks! and a good thing we get led there, hey?
Caroline said…
oh, hi! We loved doing the shoot in Port Adelaide. There was so much great stuff to look at, it was hard making the choices. We (me and Pamelas Boutros, the filmaker) loved this piece. It was so Strong! Thanks for your work, and your comment. Cx
Caroline said…
hey steve, thanks!