Little Fictions @ Knox Street Bar
A beautiful thing has happened. An idea talked about in 2010, realised in 2011, developed for  3 years and almost ended in 2014 has now, in 2015, morphed into something new. It's a beautiful thing to watch an idea twist, turn, evolve and become something new and whole. It's akin to what we do when we write - articulate that initial idea, test it out, write drafts, rewrite drafts until we have a final product which then goes on to become something else each time it is read. But enough with the writing metaphor – what about the idea?

Back in 2011 in Adelaide I produced the first of the Spineless Wonders Presents A short evening of tall stories; then in 2014 we presented our 10th and final event at The Wheatsheaf Hotel. Some folks wanted it to continue but you have to trust your gut with these things - for me, it felt like time to finish up a highly successful series of events. But Bronwyn Mehan of Spineless Wonders publishing had other ideas and so the story continues .... Bronwyn called me to say she was keen to run with this idea of actors reading fine Australian fiction in Sydney and so Little Fictions @ Knox Street Bar  in Chippendale was born. With a wonderful team to organise and produce these Sydney events, Little Fictions is presented every month, on the second Monday. What a treat! 

Best of all, this month there will be two opportunities for you to hear professional actors reading super stories. The first is on May 11th and then again on May 18th because Little Fictions is, for the first time, part of Sydney Writers Festival. $10 tickets are available at the door, no bookings. The show starts at 7pm, the bar is open for food and drink from 5.30pm, so you can come early, get a great spot, eat, drink, chat with friends.

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to see this performance event  programmed in SWF. The kernel of an idea has taken on a life of its own; a life that is well supported by local performers, punters and producers in Sydney. This is very bloody satisfying indeed. My only regret is that I won't be there in May, but if you are, then get in among it, this beautiful thing, and let me know how it goes.

C x