Flashing the Square at Melbourne Writers Festival

Independent publisher Spineless Wonders is part of this year's Melbourne Writer's Festival and doing something extraordinary with microfiction. Dedicated to diversity, Bronwyn Mehan is at the helm of Spineless Wonders. She is in tune to the many possibilities of 'reading' and getting literature visible in this new era of publishing and it shows in this latest offering. In print, audio and on the big screen in Federation Square, Flashing the Square  is packed with micro-stories and prose poems. Lucky me, my short piece 'One Blue Eye' is included and is the third time I've been published by Spineless Wonders. I keep sending my stuff to them because I love what they do and when I'm successful in being accepted (which is not always) I'm in the company of some wonderful Australian writers such as Ryan O'Neill, Shady Cosgrove, Angela Myer, Vivienne Plumb, Jude Bridge, Dael Allison, AS Patric, John Carey and many others.

To celebrate the publication of Flashing the Square, Spineless Wonders are offering a discount on their print publication here, plus for the month of August you can listen to selected audio recordings (free of charge) here. Included in the selection is the wonderful Adelaide actor (and soon-to-be mother of triplets!) Emma Beech reading 'One Blue Eye'.  Many of the stories are under 2 minutes. It's like eating a whole block of Cadbury's Top Deck in one sitting, without the chocolate bloat and hangover. Very tasty. I highly recommend.

C x