Spineless Wonders Presents ... its Swan Song

Holly Myers to read Jennifer Mills
I'm a little sad this month because I have decided to call it a day on the story readings I produce at Adelaide's Wheatsheaf Hotel. Begun in 2011 at The Jolly Miller Tavern, I've produced 10 of these events and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. The entire process, from reading a stack of stories to getting in front of the mic to introduce the writers and actors who read has been a blast, a terrific learning curve, great for building confidence and has led to other opportunities that wouldn't have come my way had I not produced these spoken word events.

But while it's been brilliant, the amount of time I now spend producing these events has become a little demanding. I do it for the love of it, which was always my intention; never wanted to apply for grants or chase money to keep them going, it was more about creating a community, and providing exposure for contemporary Australian writers and Adelaide actors. And THEY ARE SO GOOD! Also, call it informed intuition, call it spooky, call it what you want but it feels like there is something  around the corner that's going to require more of my time so I'm opening up more space and time for that. Maybe it's simply about focus. The novel I'm researching (I've identified significant characters now) is asking me to turn its way more and more. And I'm not one to say no to such a sexy beast.

In the meantime, if you live in Adelaide, please come along and enjoy the fun of SWP's swan song. There's eight actors going to grace the stage, reading a story each and presenting something special to end the night. You won't want to miss it. And the Satsuma Sisters are going to play for you, twice. Some 3 part harmony accompanied by a uke (a uke, not a ute). You could do a lot worse than to spend your Tuesday night  next week with this grand community. Guaranteed to chase away any upcoming winter blues. Promise.

Here's the important info:

What:  Actors reading contemporary Australian fiction in a hip Aussie pub
Where: The Wheatsheaf Hotel, George St, Thebarton
When: Tuesday 13th May, 7pm for a 7.30pm start (9pm finish)
How Much: Donation (all proceeds go directly to the artists) 
Why:  Who doesn't like a grand finale?

Caroline x