What's Good?

Storytelling for Grown-ups at The Wheatsheaf Hotel
The final night of storytelling for 2013 takes place on 26th November at The Wheatsheaf Hotel in Adelaide. There won't be another until May 2014, so get along for some excellent listening. 

I began curating these readings in 2011 and my mission was to promote Australian literary fiction and  Adelaide actors. So there is an emphasis on quality - the actors are professionals and the writers are published. The stories are short, playful, strange and written by Australian authors who you may or may not have heard of. 

On the 26th you'll hear stories by Tom Cho, AS Patric, Threasa Meads, Mark O'Flynn, Melanie Pryor and Julie Chevalier. Most of these writers have been writing for many many years. And it's high time we started taking a bit more notice of them. Same goes for the actors. These are all professional Adelaide actors with years of training and performance experience. I'm one of those Australian artists who is proud of who we are and what we have achieved and look forward to what we have yet to create. Adelaide, particularly, tends to downplay its artists and even the place itself. Let's turn this around. Tell stories, create connections, listen, be proud of who you are and what you have. What sux is always available but so is what's good. "What's good? (Life's good)" Thank you, Lou. RIP.
C x