Tits and Balls on a poster

Dawn Yates in Prayer to an Iron God, deckchair theatre, 2003
This was used as the poster image for the 2003 production of Prayer to an Iron God at deckchair theatre (Victoria Hall) in Fremantle, Western Australia; directed by Glenn Hayden; produced by Glenn Hayden and deckchair theatre. I love the colours and how they bleed into one another, as the characters in the play also bleed into their environment, metaphorically and literally. Dawn played the character of TB ('Tits and Balls' - you never find out her real name), the real survivor in the play. Based on some of the tough women I had around me growing up in Kalgoorlie ( outback Australia), TB doesn't pull any punches. But I like to think of her as a toasted marshmallow - tough and burnt on the outside, gooey and sweet on the inside.
Caroline x